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Optimization of Energy Consumption & Waste Management

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WILL Solutions is a privately owned Canadian company, certified B Corp. committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They are active in the voluntary carbon markets with the Quebec Sustainable Community (QSC) project. WILL has a social philosophy based on sharing that rests on two major axes: democratizing access to carbon credits by pooling local greenhouse gas reduction projects carried out by SMEs, municipalities and NPOs, and returning as much money as possible to them following the sale of carbon credits by WILL.


The Quebec Sustainable Community project gathers more than 850 GHG reduction micro-projects carried out by several small and medium-sized companies from various sectors, non-profit organizations and Quebec small municipalities. These include energy conversion, energy efficiency and waste management-oriented micro-projects (transport soon).
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    Will QSC-929
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  • Project Type
    Community-oriented project (cluster)
  • Methodology
    VM0018, VCS certified
  • Sectoral scope
    Energy demand side (3) and methane avoidance (13)
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Impact Highlights

Will Solutions is B Corp certified, Solar Impulse labelled and is committed in the SME climate Hub movement:

QSC Impact: UN SDGs: The QSC makes an impact on 6 of them:

Estimated Annual GHG reductions: 640 000 tons